Other stuff


Trying to make an about page for a personal site which isn't embarrassing/depressing, and an investigation of touch/non-touch interface design consistency


An experiment in implementing a form of "hover" interaction on touch devices. Designed to be touched while making a decision, prompting a short meditative state.

Adaptive layout

An exercise in making adaptive grid layouts while obscuring the strict nature of the grid as much as possible. A result of too long spent staring at square, boxy grids for brochureware.

Audio reactive typeface

A look at how the character and meaning of a typeface could be changed by the sound around it.

Scripting Adobe Illustrator

Creating generative, high quality vector graphics for screen and print programmatically using Adobe Illustrator, JavaScript and AppleScript

Wordy clock

A clock made out of words innit.


View your Twitter profile pic recreated using characters from your latest tweet

HTML5 sexy

Presentation I gave a few times during 2011 to encourage designers and developers to experiment with new browser capabilities

Image to base64 proxy

Proxy built for Tweetography, allowing one domain to request an image from another and get it delviered, in JSON, as a base64 encoded image.