I’m a creative director and copywriter with 15 years’ experience both in-house and agency-side. I combine creativity, technology and culture to produce award-winning, effective advertising for some of the world’s biggest brands including Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Unilever, Nike, Coke, Heineken, McDonald’s, eBay, Grolsch, Tesco, Lloyds Bank and Barclays.

I've worked on digital, social, print, film, audio, VR, AR, experiential, display, outdoor, blogs, emails, e-commerce, mobile games and apps, brand identity and tone of voice.

I thrive on big ideas, strategic insights and making the complex simple. I'm at my best collaborating in multidisciplinary teams in fast paced environments, where demanding deadlines and attention to detail go hand in hand.



Google For Africa — Building Together

A launch film and visual identity to showcase Google’s $5 billion commitment to digital transformation in Africa. I created the concept, storyboards and script for the film. Campaign elements included film, web and social.

Google — Qibla Finder

A sophisticated yet simple augmented reality web-app to help Muslims around the world find the accurate direction to Mecca. No downloads, no barrier to entry, just a beautiful use of your phone’s camera to show you, via AR, which way to pray. 4M+ unique engagements during the first month and 500k MAU during 2021 and 2022.

Google — Qalam Creator

Each year during Ramadan and for the festival of Eid al-Fitr millions of people send friends and families greetings cards. This project updated the tradition by creating millions of customisable 3D and AR greetings cards, specially designed in VR by world-class artists, designers and calligraphers. These intricate and beautiful artwork could be customised online and shared with friends and family. Campaign elements included film, web, AR, VR and social.

Google — Searching For Syria

Searching for Syria is an interactive website made in partnership with the UN High Commission for Refugees to give people greater insight into the conflict in Syria. It helps people understand the humanitarian crisis by exploring the most-Googled questions the world is asking about this profound tragedy, providing a fresh perspective that dispels myths and misconceptions about Syria and refugees. Campaign elements included film, web and social.

Google — Street View in Petra, Jordan

We expanded Google Street View to Jordan, so people can explore the breathtaking ancient ruins of the 2,000-year-old city of Petra. Built in 312 BC, but hidden from the Western world until the early 1800s, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Its most famous landmark, Al Khazanah (the treasury), featured prominently in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We combined photography and film with narration by Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan to create an immersive virtual reality tour of Petra, inviting users to step inside its iconic rose-red walls and explore a forgotten world.

Google — A Passwordless Future

A film showing Google’s commitment to keeping people safe online by building products that are secure by default and private by design. For World Password Day we explained Google’s newest way of keeping you safer — by ditching passwords altogether. I directed and scripted the film.

Google — Planet Progress

A podcast about Google’s mission to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges by combining funding, innovation, and technical expertise. The podcast is presented by Dr. Hannah Fry, who meets startups that are using technology to build a greener, more resilient planet. It’s Google’s highest-ranking podcast to date.

Google Impact Challenge On Climate

At Google, we believe that when it comes to solving a problem as big and urgent as climate change, we get more done when we move together. That’s why the Google Impact Challenge on Climate commits €10M to fund bold initiatives that aim to use technology to accelerate Europe’s progress toward a greener, more resilient future.

Google — Music, Makers, Machines

Music, Makers, Machines celebrates the history of electronic music with an extensive archive of photos, videos, 360° tours and 3D-scanned objects, including synthesizers and the door of Berlin’s legendary Tresor techno club. We collaborated with 50+ institutions, record labels, festivals and industry experts to capture the crucial role electronic music plays in culture. You can even compose your own electronic music or use AR to mix and match five famous synthesizers in a virtual electronic music studio.

Google — Freeletics Challenge

The first ever complete workout on Google Assistant. It takes 14 days and you can do it anywhere.

Google — Helpfulness & Sustainability

Posters and print ads for Google's helpfulness and sustainability features

Google — Impact Challenge On Climate

Posters and print ads for Google's program to fund bold initiatives that use technology to accelerate Europe’s progress toward a greener, more resilient future.

Google — Arts & Culture

Print ads for Google Arts & Culture

McDonald's — Happy Studio

We helped McDonald's reinvent playtime, by working with education experts and game creators to design a Happy Studio experience that helps kids develop useful skills through purposeful play. It's based on the idea that encouraging kids to act like professionals helps them to think creatively, make things they can be proud of, and develop their skills. In the new app, kids can choose to be either an artist, a musician or an inventor.

Macmillan Cancer Support — Infi-Knit

A live-streamed web-connected knitting machine creating a woollen scarf petition to highlight the plight of cancer patients living in fuel poverty. Cancer patients have higher fuel bills because they feel the cold more and spend more time at home during treatment and recovery. The Infi-knit campaign was one of the most successful campaigns Macmillan have ever run. The 127-metre scarf was hand-delivered to the fuel poverty minister Greg Barker.



Google, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Coke, McDonald’s, Heineken, Unilever, Barclays Bank, Tesco, Grolsch, Marks & Spencer, Footlocker, Lloyds Bank, The Financial Times, The Guardian, News Corp, United Nations.


Creative direction, copywriting, concepting, creative technology. Plus other things that don’t begin with a C — websites, film shoots, photoshoots, podcasts, scriptwriting, storyboards, moodboards, digital campaigns, social campaigns, print campaigns, content marketing, brand identity, an infinite number of decks, pitches and presentations.



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